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Refinance Solutions to Settle Divorce
A divorce is always difficult, and this discussion of its financial aspects is not much easier. However, it is an important and necessary consideration. Divorce varies from state to state. In California, the primary residence and other properties procured during the marriage are subject to division. But how do you split a house?

In many cases, there are only two options:
1. The house is sold, and the profits are split between the spouses.
2. One spouse keeps the house; the other spouse is removed from the title and mortgage.
The Maher Team facilitates cash-out refinances that can provide cash-back from the property's available equity while removing one of the parties from the mortgage loan. This cash-out refinance can also be used to consolidate debt.
Thus, if one person surrenders ownership of the home for half of the equity in the property, the other person can refinance the property to cash-out half of the equity and leave only the remaining homeowner on the mortgage loan.
Exact figures need to be available for current divorce proceedings, as well as planning for your new futures. I provide the following two reports to you, your attorney, or your Certified Divorce Financial Analyst.

Total Cost Analysis - This report compares the terms of various programs currently available to determine which is most cost effective. It provides exact figures pertaining to monthly payments, total loan costs, interest & principle break down, and analyzes it over a specified period of time.

Equity Repositioning - This report recommends a new debt structure to pay off current liabilities, reduce overall monthly payments and provide additional tax benefits, as well as estimates on asset accumulation.

These reports will determine the feasibility of a spouse remaining in a home after settlement.

As you well know, every divorce is a different situation, which requires a different course of action. I can provide you with the valuable information that will help you make a responsible decision in an emotional time.

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